As your partner in your business process outsourcing, it is our mission to extend maximum value to you. Hence, besides offering our core domain expertise in pre-media services, we take ownership of the entire process and commit to you an overall “Delightful Experience.” Key benchmarks in our workflow process are:

Quality Guarantee

While speed is of essence, Quality is paramount. Our quality is governed by the following guidelines:

We have the ability to provide processed outputs in a timely manner. We deliver on time every time.

We have the ability to complete all processes and to process all data as specified and desired by the customer.

We have the ability to process data and interpret results accurately. The results delivered have to be accurate depending on the agreed guidelines and criteria between customer and us.


To ensure that we deliver and meet the client requirements and expectations first time and every time, our processes are governed by the following:

Service Level Agreements (SLA):
Pre-determined SLA documents and mutually agreed terms of service levels in terms of volume, time and accuracy.

Business Process Manuals (BPM):
Our Business Process Manuals are extensive encompassing all details of a process and are verified by the customers for their accuracy.

Document Management:
Our well-defined document management system ensures that data is saved and archived as per customer requirements.


As with client SLAs, we have pre-defined metrics for each level of production and we endeavor to share timely feedback with each team member and hence have a team that is highly involved on all aspects of the job.

We strive to achieve continuous process improvement driven by valuable feedback from our customers, in-house knowledge management, following best industry practices and regular training of our team.

Customer Service

We have dedicated Project Managers supported by a well-qualified and experienced customer service team that front-ends with customers to understand their needs and specifications and develop tailor-made solutions. Your Project Manager will be your single point of contact that will hand hold you from the trials and transition you through to the live production seamlessly integrating your workflow, developing SLAs, Transition timetables and establishing smooth service between the two sites. He will be there to troubleshoot for you if it may be necessary. Our customer service team works round the clock; please be assured to receive prompt replies to your e-mails and in case of any urgent requests they will be just a phone call away.

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